Cheche - cat,kat,gato - Kats R Us Cheche - cat,kat,gato - Kats R Us

This is Cheech who is called Cheche. She's about 9 years old and had a brother called chong who died about 5 years ago. She sleeps on Stevie's bed every night and goes outside by jumping to a tree about 2 metres from his window and climbing down it.

Piggy,cat,kat - Kats R Us Piggy,cat,kat - Kats R Us

This is Piggy who is Debbie's kat and one of piggy and ratboy who was Piggys brother who was run over at the start of last year.
Piggy lives up to her name, putting her scent everywhere to keep the other cats away. She's enemies with Cheche which is why Cheche jumps out the window to get out!

Sapphire,cat,kat - Kats R Us Sapphire,cat,kat - Kats R Us

This is Sapphire which is Stevie's wife's kat. She's got beautiful Ruby colored eyes hence the name sapphire! She was almost feral when she was picked up from the kat pound and was about to be put down almost a year ago. But she has learned to live with people again and now her nickname is Fatty as shes more like a lounge lizard every day and doesn't go outside hardly at all, she's really starting to spread! Someone commented here on xmas day that even her tail was fat!
Shes also been mistreated at some stage as her claws were pulled out and now she has to have them clipped as they grow deformed ("sigh" there are some cruel people out there)

Come and see Cheche's 3D house at Active Worlds! Its free. Just download the browser then go to Katworld and then teleport to 20N 12W.

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