As you all know we kats are posers. If theres one thing we do a lot (apart from eating and sleeping) its posing. Sox the kat poses in fromt of the mirror all day if he can get away with it because he KNOWS he is cute. All kats KNOW they are cute. If you are a kat and you are a cute kat and you are a poser then come and join the Posing Kat Club and pose with us.

We don't have newsletters or anything because we are too lazy but we do have meetings where we sit on this page and pose - looking as cute as possible.

SKS CLAW Sanctioned SKS

Visit the Poser's Club 3D clubhouse!

The Posing Kat Club has a 3D clubhouse at Active Worlds. If you don't allready have the browser then download it now for FREE!
The clubhouse is on Katworld and the co-ordinates are: 5N 1E.

Member of the Day!

Jinx is an amazing kitty. He's always got time to be naughty, and plenty of kisses and nuzzling to share with anyone (with food).

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