- Jessica

I'm Jessica and I'm the bravest cat in the whoooooooooole world.

One warm spring day I was taking a catnap under a bush in my front garden when I heard a dog barking. I sat up and saw one of my duck friends and her ducklings on the path in front of the garden. The dog was running towards them and it didn't look like it had playing on its mind! I ran out between Mrs Duck and the dog, made myself look VERY big and hissed for all I was worth at the dog who then turned his attention to me. Acting as a decoy I turned and ran into the schoolyard accross the road and, as the dog chased me, climbed the nearest tree and carried on hissing and spitting at the nasty dog. When the dog's owner arrived she put on his lead and told him off for running away. I returned to my garden where Mrs Duck and her family were feeding on grubs and I went for another nap under the bush.

Aren't I brave?