- Linda Hairington

Hi my name is Linda Hairington. I am a very brave kat and here is my story.

I lived in the bush for 6 months and caught rats and small animals. My person didn't knwo where I was.

I got a paralysis tick onme and kats usually die from these before they can get home. I managed to drag myself home from the bush and got my person's attention somehow. I couldn't meow and my back legs were paralized. My person took me to the vet and the vet said she didn't know if she could save me or not.

Those ticks are usually on the seahore and the vet said that kats usually go blind and can't see because thier eyes are dilated but I managed to get home! The vet said it was unusual for a kat to come home with one of those ticks because they usually just go off and die but I knew my person would save me and she did!

I was there for 3 days in all.

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