- Mogwhi the Kat

Hi my name is Mogwhi the Kat. I am a very brave kat and here is my story.

I came to live with Sox the Kat and ------ in December 1996. I was brought to ------ as a very scrawny but large kat by Shane Couch (same person that gave Sox the Kat to ------ and ---- in 1994).

Anyway, my bravery has been shown in many ways since I came to live here. First of all - Sox the Kat hates me and attacks me every night and I am still here! The really brave thing I did was meet the alsation in the back yard.

You see the alsation (his name is Aztec) belongs to another person in the house ( Ollie) and Aztec hasn't had much to do with kats. Sox the Kat won't go near him and got constipated because Aztec barked at him when he was using his litter box.

Not me! Ollie took me outside one day when ------ wasn't watching and introduced me to Aztec and I didn't even run away. I just stood there and looked at him and swore a little.

Aren't I a brave kat?

Mogwhi Being Silly
Mogwhi being silly