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This is Mogwhi the Kat. He doesn't get along with Sox very well. I don't know what breed he is. His personality is just about the opposite of Sox's. He meows in a really high pitched squeek and he chases things and plays (like a real kat).

Mogwhi has a new thing now. He will only eat the $2.50 a can kat food that I tried Sox on before. Sox didn't like it but Mogwhi loves it. I'm not going to give it to him though.

Mogwhi - cat,kat,gato - Kats R Us

Mogwhi knows the word 'FOOD' and I am sure he talks when he repeats whatever the last word of my sentence was. He even gets the sylabal right. eg: Yesterday I said to him 'Do you need a drink of water?' and he said 'Water'. When I said 'I need a sugar hit' he said 'Hit'. Believe this or not.

Mogwhi - cat,kat,gato - Kats R Us Mogwhi - cat,kat,gato - Kats R Us Mogwhi - cat,kat,gato - Kats R Us

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Mogwhi the Kat died on Sunday 26 November 2006 at 11pm. He was very old and sick but I think he died when his urinary tract got blocked. There was nothing I could do at that time of a Sunday night though and he died in pain :(. There are some tribute wallpapers for him here but I will make a page for them later. His mate Sox the Kat died a week or so before him.

Come and see Mogwhi the Kat's 3D house at Active Worlds! Its free. Just download the browser then go to Katworld and then teleport to 4S 0W.

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