An inspiring story about Buttons

Neelix - cat,kat,gato - Kats R Us When my sister Karen was born she aspirated some fluids, so of course developed pneumonia, and had health problems from it for many months after she got here. When she was about 3 or 4 months old she had just come home, once again, from the hospital, and the whole family (aunts, uncles, grandparents) were all there to greet her. Mom put the baby in the playpen in the living room after all the adults had held and cuddled her, and gathered around the dinning room table to drink toasts to her health and discuss the Dr.ís report and prognosis, which was they thought they had it beat- she was as healthy a child as anyone could want.

At the time we had an old ally cat named Buttons, just an old scared up grey tabby that had shown up one day and refused to leave, Mom had finally given in and taken him for his shots and let him officially become ours.

Because the cat was asleep on the couch Mom kept getting up every 10 to 15 minutes to check on the baby, concerned the cat would get in the playpen and possible injure her. I was very young, only 5 years old at that time, and had slipped under the table, listening to the adults talk.

Mom had just come back and sat down from checking on the baby, not a minute had passed when suddenly there was an ungodly yowl from the living room. I saw the adults legs go stiff and silence then Buttons suddenly appeared in the door way and screamed again. I think everyone was frozen in shock. I watched as the cat darted to my Mother and raked her leg with his claws. I still remember how her hose looked, torn, with blood dripping down the ladders. The he ran back to the living room and screamed again.

At this point all the adults jumped up and rushed to the living room to protect the baby from the cat, but when they got there Buttons was sitting next to the play pen waiting. And the baby was laying quietly in the playpen, not breathing, a dark shade of blue.

My step father picked her up, started CPR and they rushed back to the hospital. Karen, I am glad to say, survived and did eventually gain her health, but if it hadnít been for that ragged old ally cat she would not have survived that afternoon.

Random Kat