- Neelix

I'm Neelix and I'm the bravest cat in the whoooooooooole world.

Hi, my name is Neelix. Yeah, silly name but I answer to it because Grandma sings it to me (Neelix the cat, the wonderful wonderful cat youíll laugh so hard your sides will ach, its NEELIX the wonderful cat!) and I love the way it sounds when she sings my name real loud.

I came to live with Grandma and Boomer when I was a tiny kitten. The first thing I did when Boomer set me down was swat my new brother (Brutus, an 80 lb lab mix) on the nose. That wasnít really brave though because it just never crossed my mind anything could hurt me. Any way, Grandma grabbed me up and wouldnít let Brutus eat me and after awhile we became good friends and he helped Grandma keep me safe by telling her every time I got myself in a predicament.

When I was a year old it was time to get my jar, just like Uncle Spots. I donít remember much about it but while I was there something really bad happened. When grandma came and got me I was so sick, and my jaw hurt so bad I couldnít even lap up water much less eat. I was having a lot of trouble breathing and my back legs wouldnít work right so Grandma and Boomer took me to another doctor who said I had a broken jaw, my lungs were full of fluid and my spine was damaged. And I was afraid of Brutus and Tai Tai (my canine sister). Grandma made me salmon soup and fed me the broth every two hours until my jaw healed and gave me pills to help me breath and my body got better and Boomer held me so I could use my litter box til my back legs worked again but I just couldnít get over being afraid all the time. After I was well enough to eat on my own I wouldnít even let Grandma pat me anymore. I just didnít want anyone near me.

The one day grandmaís friend Stacy brought this puppy over. When I first saw him I just wanted to bite and claw it up but it was so tiny and sick. His old person hadnít fed him and he was all bones and his fur was so rough and yucky and he was covered in fleas and ticks and full of worms. He couldnít walk right because his bones werenít growing right because he wasnít fed.

I decided this baby needed a big brother cat to take care of him so I fought all my fear and went to him and gave him a bath. Grandma gave him some puppy chow but I tasted it and knew that wouldnít make him big and strong so I went to my dish and got a mouthful of salmon and brought it to him. He really liked that!

Grandma took him to the doctor the next day. I was worried but it was the new doctor, not the one who gave me my jar and he came home ok with lots of medicines. But I knew it wasnít the medicine he needed but lots of love and I gave it to him. Pretty soon he was climbing out of his bed and running and jumping with me all over the house. This was good for both of us. It helped him to develop his muscles and running made me work my lungs so I donít have to take breathing medicine anymore. The doctor says we are miracles, that he never expected either of us to ever be so healthy. I taught him how to go up and down the stairs, but Grandma wouldnít let me teach him to use the litter box. Probably for the best, he kept playing in it and making a really big mess.

Heís kinda spoiled, Grandma says itís my fault cuz I bite her when she tries to spank him for being bad but I just canít stand to see him scared. I think itís because I was so scared for awhile I still get afraid sometimes but most of the time I know I can lay next to Grandma or play with Boomer and I know Iím safe. As long as I have Harley to take care of I know I can face any danger. I can be brave for my puppy because he needs me. I still give him his baths though I donít shame my food with him very often any more. Grandma says itís not good for him, but we sleep together even though he snores something awful.

Grandma says being brave is when youíre afraid but you do what you know needs doing anyway so Iím the bravest cat sheís ever met.

Aren't I brave?

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