Vegemite - cat,kat,gato - Kats R Us Vegemite was my kat in Sydney. She turned up the day I got my first mouse and stayed. She travelled around Australia with me for many years until my mother lost her in a place called Taree. At least thats the story she told me. Apparently some farmer was shooting at her and she ran away into the bush.
Vegemite's full name was Vegemite Peanutbutter Sandwich but most people called her Puddy for short. She was named by Gavin a young fellow that was boarding at my place at the time.

Vegemite liked beans! She loved to eat lentils and kidney beans. I was really broke and borrowed some fried rice from a neighbor to feed her with and she ate the rice out and left the bacon bits for a kitten that was visiting temporarily.
Vegemite - cat,kat,gato - Kats R Us Vegemite - cat,kat,gato - Kats R Us
Vegemite - cat,kat,gato - Kats R Us
This is the meeting of Vegemite and Stevos Marinarinos. They didn't like each other at all and had to be separated. In this picture I can hardly tell them apart but up close Stevos is a Siamese Tabby whereas Vegemite is a pure Tabby. Stevos fur is quite strange being the texture of a Siamese and the markings of a Tabby.

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