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This is Steinway Kitty (female Abyssinian with some Tabby genes), approx. 18 - 24 mos. old. Steinway is brilliant and musical. She is named after our grand piano, under which she frequently sits. When one of her people (the concert pianist) plays, Steinway critiques his music by either listening and beating her tail in time (especially to Bach & Mozart)--or crying and running downstairs. Each morning, she dialogs with him in a Q & A, using different vocalizations that we know are real answers to his questions. She understands 95% of what her people say to her, and is wildly interactive, unlike most felines. True to her "Abby" heritage, she is witty and playful, affectionate and cuddlesome (but dislikes being held), and has rabbit-like fur that's as soft as velvet. Her favorite pastimes are chasing string held by one of us, and "attacking" squirrels from behind our sliding-glass doors, when they come to our patio for peanuts or apples.

Steinway - cat,kat,gato - Kats R Us

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